Run MTG Arena on Mac OSX

Magic: The Gathering Arena is now in open beta.
Don't have windows? Here's how to play on 🍎 Mac OSX.

last updated Oct 5, 2018

Getting Started

MTGArena is officially only available on Windows, yet it's possible to run the .exe on mac osx using 🍷wine.

Needed Files

For this tutorial, you'll need the installer MTGAInstaller.exe and the wineskin
Make sure you have at least 5GB space available. The final size after running the installer will be around 3.15GB.

3.6MB | or download directly from


  1. Unzip and drag into your /Applications/ folder
  2. Right click the Wineskin wrapper ( and select "Open."
  3. Before installing software, select "Set Screen Options" and turn off "Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D"
  4. Select "Install Software" and then select "Choose Setup Executable". This is where you load the 3.8MB MTGArenaInstaller.exe
  5. The windows have graphical glitches. Simply click through the bottom right buttons. Follow these graphical steps:
  6. Wait for the program to install. Ignore any warnings about Path not found.
  7. Click "Finish". If the window appears frozen/isn't responding, force-close the installer (not the wineskin!). Wait 10 seconds.
  8. A "Choose Executable" window should appear. Select "MTGA.exe," NOT "MtgaLauncher.exe." Then Quit.
  9. Open the Wineskin Wrapper, and viola! You now have MTGArena on your Mac.

Change the Icon

The most important finishing touch!

Open the Applications window. Right click on your Wineskin wrapper and select "Get Info".